Rules And Regulations

Important Rules And Regulations To Follow

It is not a holiday! “Going to Hajj & Umrah” for the sake of Allah, leaving behind your regular lifestyle and enduring discomfort in order to satisfy God!

All the glitz and glamour about the opulence of the hotels and sophisticated lifestyle will be reduced to only two pieces of cloth, responding to God’s invitation, reciting “Labaik, Allahumma Labaik,” and crying out to your Creator.

  • It is critical that you conduct extensive research on the packages you’re interested in for both Hajj and Umrah. Our staff will only provide accurate information regarding the packages
  • All pricing is in Saudi Riyals. Should the price of a package fall when you buy it, you will be responsible for the difference
  • Please keep in mind that all reservations are subject to availability and confirmation. Also liable to change without notice
  • The ratings of the hotel are determined by the Saudi Ministry of Tourism, not by global norms
  • It is the responsibility of a pilgrim to ensure that all essential papers are submitted during the visa application process. We are not responsible for visa denials. You will be responsible for payment once you have applied for an electronic number on your behalf
  • It is recommended that you bring your passport and other supporting documents at least three weeks before departure
  • 3 – 4 hours before departure, you must arrive at the airport
  • Please be sure you are aware of the luggage allowance before you depart
  • Throughout the trip, your luggage is yours to take care of
  • Over 100 milliliters of liquids are not permitted in your luggage
  • The system for Umrah travelers has changed, and most people are now processed at the Hajj terminal (except for British Airways & Saudi Airlines). You’ll be requested to stay on board and then driven to the Hajj terminal using a coach
  • The Hajj terminal management by the concerned departments is suboptimal, and it is out of our hands. We will, however, do all we can to make the process as quick and painless as possible. Please keep in mind that getting through customs may take anything from 5 hours to more
  • Please buy a Saudi SIM upon arrival at Jeddah airport so that it may be registered under your name
  • Outside of the terminal, the representative from Dar al Eiman will be waiting for you to escort you to your flight. You’ll need to search for a Dar Al Eiman representative or show the wristbands that have been given to you once you’ve completed immigration, baggage reclaims, and customs
  • Wrist bands are required for security purposes at all times. Please make sure you have your passports with you, and that you wear them during your trip whenever possible
  • The ministry of Hajj does not allow marketing personnel into the terminal
  • The Hajj is a distinct procedure from the Umrah, although all flights depart from the same Hajj terminal. You will be guided by the group leader, and you should follow his instructions at all times
  • Please prepare for the possibility of a processing time of 8 to 12 hours or more
  • Keep all of your medicines in hand luggage, as well as refills and medical records. Dry foods are also a must-have
  • For identification purposes, attach the luggage tags provided
  • In case of an emergency, you should have two to three days’ worth of survival supplies in your carry-on bag
  • Always check your luggage when loading and unloading from the bus or taxi
  • Instead of a traveler’s cheque, take pounds. You can change pounds in Saudi Arabia at any bank
  • Never carry your whole money with you; instead, keep only a fraction with you at all times
  • Keep an eye on the arrivals screen at your destination airport. On-time arrival is essential. You are liable for any fees incurred if you miss your flight
  • When you leave home early enough to arrive at the airport on time for your flight, you’ll be in good shape. Take into account the weather, road conditions, and traffic regulations when making this decision
  • Check your travel documents one last time before leaving your house
  • The arrival process from the airport to Makkah Residence (Hotels or Standard housing) can take 8 – 12 hours on average, but it might take more than 12 hours in some situations
  • Due to a large number of Hujaj from all over the world, it is nearly impossible for them to stay in one place for long. Please stick with the group at all times and follow directions
  • Prepare to separate from your family at any time during the Hajj and you will not be seated
  • Before we confirm your booking, you must give us complete information about your disability and severe medical condition so that we can try to suggest suitable arrangements for you
  • The Hijri calendar (lunar calendar) is used to determine the dates of the Hajj. All hotel reservations during the Hajj season are based on Hijri timings. There could be modifications in the itinerary depending on moon sightings
  • The meal is included in all packages. We go out to outside catering. On certain days, such as the 6th/7th, and 12th of Dhul Hijjah, food may not arrive at all because of a delay in its arrival
  • The majority of the group will decide on the meals