What umrah really is?

When you are getting ready to the journey for Umrah, most importantly, wash up, trim your nails and evacuate hair as you might want to make yourself clean reasoning that you expect to visit the heavenly place of your Lord. Offer the supplication of that time with full focus. It is prescribed to offer 2 rakat additional nafl before voyaging.

When you are going to be out of your home, present the accompanying supplication: When you board in the vehicle, present the voyaging petition: At the point when there is a break amid the movement, say the accompanying petition:

Note: During the movement, you may offer Duhr and Asr supplication together 2 rakat each. Correspondingly, Maghrib and Isha supplication is permitted to offer out and out as 3 and 2 rakat individually.

1.    Action for Meeqat:

Let us for all intents and purposes observe, how to perform Umrah. The strategy for Umrah begins from Meeqat. It is where the initial step to Umrah starts and you need to wear Ihram now. Do goal (Niyyah) for Umrah:

When you achieve Masjid-al-Haram, set your correct foot in and recount:

2.    Tawaf:

One of the key pieces of Umrah is Tawaf which intends to take rounds of the Holy Ka’bah seven times and obviously, you have to do bathing before this demonstration. Amid Tawaf, men are required to wear Ahram (a specific dress) with the correct shoulder exposed. It is known as “Idtiba’a”. When they are finished with Tawaf, they should cover the shoulders once more.

Ladies need to cover the entire body with the sewed dress and cover head also. Note here that head ought to be secured with the end goal that the fabric does not contact her brow, else, she will be at risk to pay Jaza (installment for pay).

Every one of the travelers travels to Jeddah and Madinah are for the most part encouraged to wear Ahram from the leaving airplane terminal as once in a while it isn’t exceptionally helpful to wear Ahram amid the flight.

3.    Maqam e Ibrahim:

Following stage is to move to Maqam e Ibrahim. Here, you need to recount the Qura’nic petition given underneath:

Presently, offer 2 rakaat close Maqam e Ibrahim or anyplace in the sacred mosque. The best arrangement of Surahs after Fatiha in first and second rakat is Surah e Kafiroon and Surah e Ikhlaas.

4.    Visit Zamzam:

At the sixth step of Umrah, you need to visit Zamzam well. Drink Aab e Zam after supplication and Darood Sharif and pour it on the head too. Return to Hijra e Aswad. Contact it as you did before and on the off chance that it is difficult, don’t do anything.

5.    Seven Rounds of Sai:

This is the seventh step of your Umrah in which you will forward to Sai and leave the mosque. Say a similar supplication that you present while leaving any mosque.

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