26 Days 5 Star Shifting Package 2022

Package Includes

(7 Nights) 


(8 Nights) 

PullMan Zam Zam





£ 4950
Makkah (7 Nights)Swissotel 
Madinah (8 Nights)PullMan Zam Zam
Return Flights – TBC
Hajj Visa
Hajj Draft
Mattress and pillow in Mina
Accommodation in Aziziyah – Normal standard
Food in Mina and Arafat
Tents as arranged by Saudi Hajj Ministry
Full transport as arranged by Saudi Hajj Ministry
Hajj Seminar
Full guidance 
Travel Insurance (You have to arrange it yourself).

The 26 Days 5 Star Shifting Package 2022 is designed to be a spiritual journey that will help you revive your spiritual practices. Not just do you get to finish your commitments as a Muslim, however these bundle also assists you revitalize your thoughts and concentrate on Allah. It is an unbelievable opportunity to immerse yourself in the depths of Islamic culture. You will get a chance to relax in the Holy City of Mecca, and go on an experience that is designed to make you feel the presence of Allah. There are numerous packages offered for your convenience; all you need to do is select the one that matches your requirements best.
Purity of thought and deed is a virtue that every Muslim pursues. During the month of Ramadan, many Muslims flock to the Holy City of Mecca in order to carry out Umrah, which is among the main pillars of Islam. Not just do you get a chance to complete your spiritual responsibilities during this journey, however you also get a chance to discover your faith and deepen your understanding of Islam. Therefore, not just is this bundle a way for you to complete your religious obligations, but it also supplies you with an exceptional opportunity to get more information about Islam.
The 26 Days 5 Star Shifting Package 2022 is thought about as one of the very best alternatives readily available for Muslims all over the world. Not only do you get to travel with a group of fellow Muslims, but this journey likewise enables you to connect with similar individuals who have the same ideals as yourself and share your ideas on Islam. It will take away all your insecurities and qualms relating to the trip so that you can concentrate on your spiritual development. You will get to visit a few of the most sacred and holy sites; therefore, you won’t have any factor to grumble about this journey.
The 26 Days 5 Star Shifting Package 2022 will help you concentrate on Allah, cleanse your thoughts and fulfill your religious responsibilities in a single journey. With this bundle, there’s no factor not to book now!

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