5 Things You Need to Know Before Booking Ramadan Umrah Packages in 2022


Ramadan is the holiest month for Muslims and the most rewarding season of the year. One of the best rewards granted to those who do good deeds during these days is to be taken on a pilgrimage to Mecca. This type of journey is called Umrah, which can also be done outside of Ramadan, but it’s very important to know that you have to plan ahead so you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

During this time, there are three types of Ramadan Umrah packages in 2022 that are recommended for those who want to go- Group Package, Exclusive Package, and Private Package. The first one involves traveling with many other people from your country or community, making it cheaper but not as personal or intimate because you may not have anything in common with the others. The second one involves traveling alone or as a couple, and it is more expensive due to the exclusive service that is provided by the company.

The third type of package is the most sought-after because it offers complete privacy and security during your trip, making you feel like you’re at home, comfortable, and safe. This Umrah travel package is by far the best one because it’s perfect for every type of traveler due to its features that are listed below.

The people who offer this service are extremely professional and kind, offering services ranging from transportation to accommodation, catering, and everything in between. Many other reasons make Umrah Peak Perfect essential for anyone who plans to go on this journey.

Here are the 5 things you need to know before booking Ramadan Umrah packages 2022:

1. The staff is multilingual

Even if you don’t know any English or Arabic, the staff speaks many languages that are used by people in different regions of the world. This makes it easier for them to communicate with you and make your trip more enjoyable.

2. Each room comes with a private bathroom

If you’re planning to go for an Umrah during Ramadan, then you should always know that most hotels offer free private bathrooms inside the room. This means that there are no shared spaces between other people who are staying in your hotel, which makes it easier for you to enjoy your trip.

3. Some packages include Iftar and Sahur at the hotel

If you’re looking to save some money for other trips that might occur during your stay in Saudi Arabia, then you should look into getting Ramadan Umrah packages in 2022. For example, if you purchase this trip through the hotel where you will be staying, they might give you free meals at their restaurant or even set up a special Iftar and Sahur ceremony just for you.

4. The rooms are cleaned for each guest

Since Umrah is considered somewhat of a holy trip that shouldn’t be taken too lightly, most hotels offer the opportunity to have the rooms cleaned for each guest. That means that when you’re done with your shower, the staff will already be in there with their equipment to make sure that everything is spick and span by the time they need to give your room to the next person on the list.

5. Ramadan Umrah packages usually include transportation services

You can never go wrong with a Ramadan Umrah package that includes transportation from the airport to your hotel and vice versa. That means that you can relax as much as possible during your trip without having to worry about getting yourself from point A to point B easily.

Why do you need to book early? 

For one, it’s best to book early in the season to avoid the rush. Secondly, it’s also important not to wait till the last minute because prices will increase as we get closer and closer to next Ramadan and by then, it’ll be too late.

Additionally, it’s best to book before Ramadan so you can ensure yourself of good seats for prayer time, especially since the most important part of the day is between Fajr and Maghrib. If you wait until later to book your Umrah package, you’ll have less time with your family and be busy during prayer times.

We should also be aware that Ramadan Umrah packages in 2022 will not only take you to Mecca but there are other places of interest as well. For example, Medina is rich in history and culture so it’s important to plan your trip around this city accordingly.

It’s also recommended to book an all-inclusive package because then you won’t have any hassle with logistics during your trip. Traveling around the city can be quite overwhelming so it’s best to stay at one place that will accommodate all of your needs, wherever you are.


All in all, if you’ve been planning to take your family on a pilgrimage for a long time, then you should know that Ramadan is the perfect time to go because all of the hotels and other services will be cheaper. Also, it’s very important to not forget that you need to follow a specific schedule when it comes time to pray and break our fast during these days.

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