5 Benefits of Family Umrah Packages


This family Umrah package will guarantee a family-friendly experience in the holiest of places. With family Umrah packages, you can earn rewards and gain Allah’s love and favor. Your family will be able to enjoy Makkah while fulfilling their obligations to God during this pilgrimage. 

Here are the five benefits:

1) Umrah family packages provide family-friendly amenities:

Your family will be able to enjoy Makkah while fulfilling their obligations to God during this pilgrimage. Upon your arrival in Makkah, you will find family-friendly amenities such as 

a) family rooms

b) family bathrooms with baby changing areas and 

c) family prayer areas. 

Your family will be able to say their prayers and do their rituals without interruption or distraction from other pilgrims. This can be a huge relief for parents who are traveling with young children. Additionally, the family rooms allow children to sleep next to their parents so they don’t have to worry about safety or comfort throughout this journey. Also, they offer multiple bathroom facilities which help families spend less time waiting in line and more time rewarding themselves at the Holy Mosque of Makkah. The family bathrooms are equipped with diaper-changing tables which help keep the family clean and comfortable during this journey.

2) With family Umrah package, you can earn rewards and gain Allah’s love and favor: 

During Hajj, Muslims visit the Holy Kaaba in Makkah to perform their rituals. Though family members traveling together share the same intention for pilgrimage, only one person receives a reward for offering each prayer or performing each ritual. However, by taking family umrah packages with Alia Tours, your family will be able to complete all of these rites in the congregation which is far more rewarding than completing these activities alone. Additionally, when family members travel together like this they can help strengthen their family ties and memories that will last a lifetime. The beautiful thing about Hajj is that even children are rewarded for making this journey. So family members of all ages can earn rewards and gain Allah’s love and favor for this pilgrimage!

3) Hajj family packages help you plan your family trip: 

If you’ve ever planned a family vacation before then you know how tough it can be to please everyone. You have to take into account the needs and preferences of every family member including kids, grandparents, singles, married couples, and parents with toddlers. It can be a tall order but not when family packages are involved. By using one Umrah family package, your family will have access to a variety of hotels within Makkah that cater specifically to families. That means everyone in your family will find their ideal hotel that meets the demands of their unique family situation. It’s the best way to guarantee all family members are pleased and comfortable throughout this journey.

4) Hajj family packages make it easy for your family members to travel together: 

If you want to bring everyone in your family together on a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage then family Umrah packages are there to help you realize that goal! Rather than spending hours debating over where to eat, how long each stop will take, what activities are available, or any other travel dilemma that can derail family fun, Umrah packages streamline everything into easily digestible chunks that keep your family focused on the destination. If there is one thing you can count on within Tours, it’s their family-friendly approach to the packages. So this is the perfect opportunity for your family to unify and take on everything that comes their way!

5) Hajj family packages are an incredible value: 

Your family must be wondering what’s included in family packages because there are so many valuable amenities, services, and benefits that come with these valuable family travel options. It might seem like you’re getting more than you imagined but it’s just Alia Tours backtracking all of the benefits into one easy package. The best part about these packages is that your family can enjoy everything listed above without spending a fortune. These packages make it possible for families to experience Hajj together even if money was not a factor. They allow your family to live like royalty in the holiest of places and avoid breaking the bank in order to do it!


With family packages, you can earn rewards and gain Allah’s love and favor with family-friendly amenities during your pilgrimage. Hajj family Umrah packages also help family members plan their journey together while strengthening family ties at the same time. Finally, family packages are an incredible value for families who want to enjoy this amazing journey without spending a fortune!

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